Fox Valley Squares
Since 1950, Fox Valley Squares square dance club has sponsored dance dates, offered classes, and continuously promoted square dancing as a healthy, socializing form of community fun. The club operated as an informal group until incorporating as a 501(C)3 non- profit organization in 1964. Modern Western Square Dance, also known as Modern American Square Dance has a rich tradition rooted in 17th century England, France, and other areas of Europe. Square Dancing came to America with the early European settlers and has undergone considerable development over the ensuing years. Charlie and Jan Bitter serve as current club caller and club cuer teaching lessons and handling most of the calling and cuing for monthly dances. Charlie was preceded by Howie Fochs who capably shouldered the club caller duties from 1984 to 1999. Prior to Howie, the club caller duties were shared by Herb Johnson, who conducted club dances, and Jack and Mary Guhl who were responsible for teaching new dancer classes.
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